100-Year-Old Pool Technology and Naked Ankles

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When a natural disaster occurs I’m glad that chlorine  is there to disinfect broken water delivery systems and keep disease and infections at bay. Typhoid and dysentery suck.

I’m also glad that draining swimming water every few days is no longer popular, especially after a Brown University grad student applied hyperchlorite of lime (sic) to 2 liters of pool water at a concentration of 1 ppm to a 70,000 gallon swimming pool in 1910. That’s when the idea of sterilizing pool water over dumping the water came into fashion, along with the viewing of ladies’ ankles.  Oh my! 

Pool sanitization chemistry is about as sexy as the glimpse of naked ankles, so I’ll let you undress your own research on pool sanitization chemistry. (Hint—search this blog for most pool and spa sanitization answers.)


After too many years in the pool biz and the chemicals that keep pools disinfected and sparkling, I’ve developed a physical inability to tolerate most synthetic or manufactured chemicals.  As a matter of fact, last week I asked my wife to toss in some extra bleach into the white laundry because my t-shirts looked dreary.  Excited with the palate of pure white, I covered my bare ankles with the just-laundered white socks and my bare chest with a brilliant white t-shirt.  Lookin’ sharp and clean.  Before lunch, I ripped the white off of me and jumped into the shower.  Oh it wasn’t for what it might sound like to those with love on their mind—it was the red rash covering my chest and ankles—one of my typical reactions to anything chlorinated.

This is why I build and sell the non-chlorine pool disinfection system through my business Riptide Alchemy, LLC . I have zero interest in selling product that doesn’t work for sooooooo many reasons. 

1)      I want your swimming pool to be safe enough to have my beloved grandchildren frolic in the water;

My really cute granddaughter!

2)      Totally not interested in a law suit because you developed some freaky infection from funky water;

3)      The planet does not need more man-made chemicals ;

4)      Our ocean’s are at risk, and because they are downstream from everything, chemicals eventually find their way into the waters. (Visit my wife’s blog www.Neptune911.wordpress.com for more about our seas.)

5)      And there is some pretty convincing evidence that chlorinated water and us in it are not a perfect union.

One day, wife and I sat on the beach watching some wicked waves rip tides back and forth.  The energy was powerful. We could smell the negative ions filling the air.  We looked at each other, knowing that we would begin a more earth friendly business in the future that was based in ionic exchange and we simultaneously said, “Riptide Alchemy.”

It was a poetic way of explaining how my pool disinfection system works.  I pair a copper electrode with a silver electrode, then inject a low DC current into the alloy anodes. The ion charged water cycles through the system, naturally purifying itself.

A pool using the Riptide Pool Disinfection System (TM)

This exclusive and unique design features 100% alloy to ionize your pool water. The amount of ions injected is precisely monitored by a computerized LCD meter and control knob built into each power center. Quality is what sets my ionization system apart from the others.

So here comes my blatant sales pitch—if you call my cell (505/690-4729) I can offer this product at $999 plus freight (and tax for NM and California residents).  And now that you have my private cell phone number, that means you can call me for free consultations with regards to the Riptide Pool Disinfection System™ for your family’s fun and healthy swim time.

Chlorinated Pools, Your Child and Allergies

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Chlorinated pools--worse than second-hand cigarette smoke????

Chlorinated pools--worse than second-hand cigarette smoke????

I’m glad that chlorine has saved many folks from around the world from water-born infectious diseases.  But, after being around chlorine for 39-too many years, I’m allergic to it. Ask my wife what happens when she tosses some bleach in with her laundry.  It’s not pretty. The sheets and towels are white, and so am I–pale white from a chlorine-allergy dotted with lovely red spots up and down my body.   This is one of the reasons why I think the Riptide Pool Disinfection System (TM) www.riptidealchemy.com  is the all-that for pool sanitization.  I can even show that it’s excellent for commercial pools too. 

But this is not about my allergy, this is some recently released news about chlorinated pools and childhood allergies.  Read on:

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — Swimming in an outdoor or indoor chlorinated pool has more impact than secondhand smoke in increasing the chances that a child susceptible to asthma and allergies will develop those problems, according to a new study, Reuters Health reported September 15.


Dr. Alfred Bernard, a toxicologist at the Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels, told Reuters Health, “These new data clearly show that by irritating the airways of swimmers, chlorination products in water and air of swimming pools exert a strong additive effect on the development of asthma and respiratory allergies such as hay fever and allergic rhinitis.”


Bernard added, “The impact of these chemicals on the respiratory health of children and adolescents appears to be much more important — at least by a factor of five — than that associated with secondhand smoke.”


The researchers found that the risk of asthma and allergy was not influenced by swimming in pools sanitized with a concentration of copper and silver and that children without allergic tendencies were not at increased risk of developing allergies in those pools.


The researchers said the current findings “reinforce” the need for further study on the issue and to enforce regulations concerning the levels of these chemicals in water and air of swimming pools, Reuters Health reported.



Peeing in the Swimming Pool & Bladder Cancer! My Worst Nightmare.

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Which kids are peeing in the pool?

Which kids are peeing in the pool?


Let it be known that I DO NOT SWIM IN PUBLIC POOLS.  The following news piece recently crossed my desk and ripped open my nightmare of being tossed into a public swimming pool that’s not blue, but a golden urine-yellow.  That’s right, folks, good, old-fashioned pee in the pool.

That combined with everyone else’s body yuck, and the fact that most public pool maintenance dudes are not necessarily the swiftest water skimmers, I DO NOT SWIM IN PUBLIC POOLS.  BTW I’m an expert swimmer.

Here’s the abbreviated version of a sciencedaily March 31 report:

Champaign, IL — A 10-year study on disinfection byproducts (DBPs) reports on the connection between certain DBPs in drinking water that are “emerging” in scientific studies and their carcinogenic potential, according to a March 31 ScienceDaily report based on a University of Illinois press release.


The study, which began with a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has found that iodine-containing DBPs are much more toxic and genotoxic than other DBPs now regulated by EPA, according to University of Illinois geneticist Michael Plewa, the study’s author.


Plewa said another “somewhat surprising” discovery concerns nitrogen-containing DBPs. “Disinfectant byproducts that have a nitrogen atom incorporated into the structure are far more toxic and genotoxic, and some even carcinogenic, than those DBPs that don’t have nitrogen. And there are no nitrogen-containing DBPs that are currently regulated,” Plewa said…


In addition to drinking-water DBPs, Plewa said that swimming pools and hot tubs are DBP reactors. “You’ve got all of this organic material called ‘people’ — and people sweat and use sunscreen and wear cosmetics that come off in the water. People may urinate in a public pool. Hair falls into the water and then this water is chlorinated. But the water is recycled again and again so the levels of DBPs can be tenfold higher than what you have in drinking water,” Plewa said, noting that studies show higher levels of bladder cancer and asthma in people who do a lot of swimming.



This brings me back to shameless promotion of my chlorine-free sanitization system for pools.  Dude, it really works and you can laugh in the face of that “chlorine-smell.”


Alternatives can be a good thing.

Chlorine-Free Alternatives For Your Pool

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It’s warm in some parts of the country today.  And soon enough we’ll all be complaining about the unbearable heat, and we’ll be ready to jump into the swimming pool.

The biggest complaint about swimming pools: Chlorine.  Is it safe?  As opposed to no disinfectant in the pool, I’ll take chlorine.  But I don’t like it and I’m highly sensitive to it.  So, my personal job became to find something that actually disinfects pool water without chlorine.

Disinfecting without chlorine is tricky business because you are fighting wind, rain, and organic material (including what our bodies leave behind), that daily alters pool water chemistry.  So, earth-friendly ideas like using green tea, bacteria eating bugs, and salt water are a huge failure AND likely to INFECT you with pseudomonis, eye and skin irritation, ear infections, and digestive complications–for starters.

 So, you must disinfect with stuff that kills bacteria.  That leaves you with bromine (which is chlorine-based), and a plethora of chlorine alternatives already on the market.  (But do you really like orange film on your water?)

Ozone is not a bad idea, but it was originally designed for drinking water, not water that we sweat in and muck up.  Ozone’s disadvantage is it is a gas and it wants to leave the pool water and not stay in the pool water.  The only effective way to use ozone in the pool is a series of contact chambers that compress and force the O3 ozone gas to mix with the pool water before it gets back to the pool.  Got lots of money???

 Collodial silver is another alternative.  It is packaged under a variety of names.  Collodial silver does disinfect  pool water.  This will require, copious amounts of shock, and algaecide.  Particular attention must be spent on your water chemistry.

 So, now I’ll flip into blatant self-serving advice–the Riptide Pool Sanitization System–my system.  It is computerized, and once it is set up for your unique pool needs, and the filtration durations are maintained along with balanced  water chemistry,  clean filters, and a simple once a week oxidizing, the Riptide Pool Sanitization System takes care of disinfection and algae-stat simultaneously.

 It requires little space and is an easy retrofit for most pools. 

 More blantant self serving news: You can buy it off my website  www.riptidealchemy.com  and I’m always available for your questions.

Thanks for reading this.  Questions about spas arrive in email box daily, and I’ll have them posted asap.

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