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Your pool water is cloudy no matter what you do.  Maybe your spa water is teal.  Not good.  Maybe you want natural disinfection systems….whatever.  I’ve been in the business from building to retailing pools and spas since 1971.  

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  1. i have been using spa marvel in my ht is good for a week and a half.after that the water begins to look and sound like alkaseltzer,carbonated.what might be the problem. 1yr old tub was using peroxysan could not level up in last few months .drained tub 3 times cleaned thoroughly started spa marvel pls help

    • I tried to research the components of Spa Marvel,but not knowing exactly what is in it, my suspicion is that it might be too light weight to effectively treat your water. Consider this, everytime 2 people sit in a hot tub for 30 mins, about 3 pints of body waste (or figure 1.5 pints of wastes per person) is sloughed off into your spa water. This includes perspiration, hair, skin, oils and even fecal material. Yuck. Maintaing spa water is much more subtle than “one bottle fixes all.”

      Some of the elements that will affect your spa’s water include:
      How many people use the hot tub? How often? In how much water? Are children and teens using the spa? Quality of water to fill spa?

      So, to address the carbonated like water in your spa, be sure your pH and total alk and calcium hardness are balanced.

      It also sound like ammonia is in the water with imbalanced chemistry…but without an actual water sample at hand, I can’t give you an exact analysis.

      But I can tell you that when one uses an alternative spa water treatment, absolute water chemistry balance is absolutely essential all the time. There is no room for error.

      If you are looking for an alternative to chlorine and bromine (which I support and believe in) you might want to consider using 24-hr ozone. I am happy to discuss that further with you…and I actually will have a blog up within week about using ozone.


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